The Sea turtle hatchery is a day care for new born turtles. The babies must be released to the Ocean at heel of 4 days. Perhaps you will receive a rare chance to release the baby sea turtles to the sea. Most have got the opportunity to oversee and take them to their hand. Gradually five varieties of sea turtles are found in Sri lanka, such as Hawksbill turtle, Olive ridley turtle, Loggerhead turtle, leatherhead turtle and Green turtle.

These new born turtles are protected in small water tanks. The injured turtles are conserved in another tank in the hatchery. A small clime of sand is nearby to the tanks where clans of eggs are conserved. Each of them is labeled with the date and number of eggs in the clan. However these people are making a wonderful work to save this animal kind. There are 4 officers involved with the project in the hatchery. Since it was started the organization has released over 500000 sea turtles to the ocean. They will cost you a Rs.400 for each. Purposely it is used to take care of the sea turtles.

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