Hiyare Reservoir Rainforest and Biodiversity Research Center is one of the best kept secrets of Galle, lying just 16 kilometers from the town. Hiyare reservior which has been built over 100 years ago to provide water to the Galle town with only gravitational pressure. This operation was stopped in 2002 when it was decided by the Municipal Council that the water was unfit for consumption in its stagnant state and turned to other forms of water supply.

In 2003 the reservoir and 600 acres of the surrounding low country tropical rainforest was turned over to the Municipal Council of Galle. One part of Hiyare is managed by the Sri Lankan Forest Department and the Wildlife Society of Galle administers the reservoir area. A unique Biodiversity Breeding Centre for endangered species has been established and an Animal Rescue Program, which provides immediate medical and surgical care for injured wildlife, maintains a tropical tree farm to promote reforestation and conducts regular classes to interested parties on the importance of conservation and protecting the biodiversity of Sri Lanka.

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