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Swimming is an activity that burns lots of calories, is easy on the joints, supports your weight, builds muscular strength and endurance.

Tea Plucking

Tea is harvested by hand, not all leaves are picked during harvesting but only a few top young and juicy leaves with a portion of the stem on which they have grown and the so-called bud (or tip)

Mountain Biking

Cycling in Galle has never been this good, catch a glimpse of unspoiled beauty while mountain biking at Tea Trails.

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Stilt Fishing

Fishermen in Sri Lanka use stilts to catch a fish. Stilt Fishing is an old tradition practised by around 500 fishing families in Galle

Galle City Tour

The Dutch Commandeur’s residence or Government House, Queen’s House in the British era, can be seen down the street opposite the Dutch Church which leads to the old gate.

Whale Watching at Mirissa

Enjoy the beautiful ocean while spotting blue whales, humpback whales, killer whales, whale sharks, dolphins, or sea turtles.

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Outdoor Dinner

We can arrange a simple and wonderful outdoor dinner at our villa, Please contact us for more information

The Fort Printers

Located in a beautiful old hotel – this offers delicious modern Sri Lankan / Middle Eastern fusion with amazing service.

BBQ at Villa

The backyard BBQ is a great American tradition. Let us arrange you a great BBQ party for you on your stay, Please contact for more information.

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